Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Charles T. Hammond


Abstracts included:

Douglas D. Doctor and L. David Polley. Potassium Dependence in
Chlamydomonas reinhardi: Evidence for a Transport Mutant

D. S. Egel and P. E. Pope. Growth and Extractable Carbohydrate: of Red
Oak Seedlings During the First Growing Season

Bernice B. Ellis andKathryn J. Wilson. Preliminary Light and Electron
Microscope Studies of Laticifers in Stapelia bella (Asclepiadaceae)

Charles T. Hammond and Paul G. Mahlberg. Structure and Development of the Glandular Secretory System in Staminate Inflorescences of
Cannabis sativa (Cannabaceae)

Jay H. Jones and Beth L. Friedberg. A Phytogeographic Analysis of Leaf
Architectural Features of the Fagaceae

Jay H. Jones. Variation of Foliar Features in the Rhamnaceae: Tribes
Rhamneae and Zizpheae

Philip A. Orpurt. The Gasteromycetes of Indiana

Robert N. Schwarzwalder, Jr. and David Dilcher. Platanoid Fossils
from the Dakota Formation: A Paleosystematic Problem

Carol A. Singleton and Robert W. Keck. An Ultrastructural Study of
Soybean Cultivars Differing in Response to Salt Stress

Steven L. Stier and Jay H. Jones. A Comprehensive Study of Select
Stomatal Complex Features in the Fagaceae

Mark Wasserman and Jay H. Jones. A Critical Analysis of the Nature
and Taxonomic Distribution of Foliar Trichomes in the Fagaceae

Connie M. Weaver. Accumulation and Distribution of a Single Dose of Fe in Wheat and Soybeans

Robert D. Williams. Method and Duration of Weed Control Affect Survival, Height and Diameter of Planted Black Walnut