• Diane E. Beynon


Abstracts included:

C. Michael Anslinger. Evidence for Heat-treatment at the Wint
Site (12B95), Bartholomew County, Indiana.

Kristen Beckman. Pesticide Use: An Occupational Hazard in the
Conduct of Archaeological Survey.

Diane E. Beynon. Archaic Adaptations in Northeastern Indiana:
An Overview.

Mark Cantin and C. Michael Anslinger. Jeffersonville Chert: A
Problem in Provenience.

Donald R. Cochran. Early Archaic in the Upper Wabash Drainage: An Initial Assessment.

Chris Jackson and Robert E. Pace. Test Excavations at the Smith Site (12-Vi-86) in 1985, Vigo County, Indiana.

Misty Jackson and Mary Ellen Waite. Archaeological Investigation of the Early 19th Century Preston House, Terre Haute, Indiana.

Mary Lou James and Donald R. Cochran. An Archaeological Survey of Jay County, Indiana.

James Kendrick and Robert E. Pace. Test Excavations at the
Amini Site: A Late Archaic Settlement in Dubois County, Indiana, 1985.

James August Mohow. Projectile Point Types of Northeastern

Mark Schurr and Kenneth B. Tankersley. Arrowhead Arch (12Cr 219), a Multicomponent Rockshelter Site in Southcentral Indiana.

B.K. Swartz, Jr. The Present Status of Knowledge Regarding
Petroglyphs, Markings, and Notable Graffiti in the State of

Kenneth B. Tankersley. Early Paleoindian Chert Exploitation in
Indiana: A Preliminary Report.

Curtis H. Tomak. An Archaeological Excavation at the Alton Site, Perry County, Indiana.

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Diane E. Beynon