• Austin E. Brooks


Abstracts included:

Blair Brengle, William Stillwell and Stephen Wassall. Effect
of Abscisic Acid on Phospholipid Bilayers.

A.E. Brooks, W.N. Doemel, J.E. Miner and A.K. Konopka. The
Algae of an Acid Lake.

Kerry B. Dunbar, Kathryn J. Wilson, Bruce H. Petersen and
David D. Biesboer. Laticifer Differentiation in Embryoids
Derived from Tissue Cultures of Asclepias curassavica

R.A. Gyure, W.N. Doemel, A.E. Brooks, A.K. Konopka and J.E.
Miner. The Natural Reduction of the Acidity of Acid Polluted Strip Mine Lakes.

R.M. Lopez-Franco and J.F. Hennen. The Black Cherry Rust in
the Americas.

Eric S. Menges and Kimberly A. Wade. Community Structure of an Indiana Gravel Hill Prairie with Special Reference to the State Endangered Besseya bullii.

L.A. Neeb and B.D. Allamong. Analysis of DNA Methylation in the Growth and Development of the Early Alaska Pea (Pisum

Solomon Oyeleke and J.D. Schoknecht. Azolla caroliniana and its Symbionts.

Wesley Shanklin and Willard F. Yates, Jr. Induction of
Embryogenesis in Embryo-derived Callus of Ginkgo biloba L..

Henry Stelzer and Robert J. Reinsvold. Micropropagation of
Black Locust: A Controlled Method to Study the Rhizobial/
Legume Symbiosis.

Author Biography

Austin E. Brooks