Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Donald G. Clemens


Abstracts included:

Stanley L. Burden, Douglas W. Taylor, Christopher L. Myer and Mark
A. Nussbaum. Computer-assisted Nitrate Analysis System Using a
Nitrate Ion Selective Electrode and an Apple II Plus Microcomputer

Robert H. L. Howe and Roberta C. Howe. The Occurrence of Certain
Toxic Organics in the Nature and Their Degradation

Katherine J. Jordan and Eric R. Johnson. The Hydrolysis of Bovine
Insulin A-chain by Guanidine-stable Chymoelastase in the Presence of

Constance A. Kiesler and John A. Mosbo. Phosphorus Ligand Size
Effects upon Reactions with W(CO)<sub>4</sub> (pyridine)<sub>2</sub>

Paul C. McKinney. Asymptotic Expansions of the Eigenvalues of Burrau

Laura L. Nelson and Lynn R. Sousa. The Synthesis of B-lactams Using
a Photochemical Reaction

Jean E. Parente, John M. Risley and Robert L. Van Etten. The <sup>18</sup>0-lsotope Effect in NMR Spectroscopy: A Method for Simultaneously Following Kinetics and Establishing the Site of Bond Cleavage During the Hydrolysis of Phosphate Monoesters

Robert E. Van Atta. An Improved Qualitative Test for Acetate Ion

John F. Zimmerman. Apple Computer Simulations Used in Teaching Chemical Instrumentation