• Robert J. Stark


Abstracts included:

A.S. Bennett, M.L. Richeson and A. Foust. Role of Dietary
Fatty Acids in Murine Mammary Tumors.

Bryon Bhagwandin, S.T. Barefoot and F.W. Kleinhans. Lag Time
of OH• Radical Production by Zymosan Stimulated Neutrophils.

Maureen Hill, F.W. Kleinhans and S.T. Barefoot. Determination
of OH• Production by Stimulated Neutrophils Using ESR

Mohinder S. Jarial. Ultrastructural Organization of the Subcommissural Organ on Mongolian Gerbil Meriones

R. Douglas Lyng. Using Cultured Fetal Mouse Salivary Glands
to Detect Teratogenic Potential of Chemicals.

Richard S. Manalis. A New Pharmacological Tool to Study
Neurotransmitter Release at the Frog Neuromuscular Junction.

John W. Munford. Effect of Amiloride on Insulin-stimulated Sodium Efflux from Rat Skeletal Muscle.

L.A. Neeb and B.D. Allamong. Analysis of DNA Methylation in the Growth and Development of the Early Alaska Pea (Pisum

M.L. Richeson and A.S. Bennett. Effect of Dietary Fats on the
Incidence of Preneoplastic Nodules in Mammary Glands of
Strain A/St Mice.

Steven C. Salaris and Steven T. Barefoot. An Improved Method for Measuring Lysozyme.

A.C. Snyder, S.B. Kaiserauer and S. Griffith. Muscle Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Activity Following Various Durations
of Eccentric Exercise.

Robert J. Stark. Effects of Ionophore A23187 on Acinar Cells
of Mouse Parotid Salivary Glands.

Author Biography

Robert J. Stark
Cell Biology