Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Mark H. Houck


Abstracts included:

Christopher B. Burke. HERPIC — County Storm Drainage Manual

David D. Chesak. Anthropometric Data Error Detection and Correction with a Computer

Aldo Giorgini and Dean Randall. History and Computer: An Unorthodox
Approach to River Hydraulics

Aldo Giorgini and Mark Smith. Photo: A Computer Program for the
"Photographic" Rendition of Three-dimensional Objects

M. J. Goodman and J. L. Chameau. Performance of Embankments Constructed with Compacted Clays

Donald D. Gray and Gerard F. Sheldon. The Effect of Body Shape on the
Growth and Structure of Turbulent Wakes

Robert H.L.Howe. How and Where to Find Water

Mohammad Karamouz and Mark H. Houck. Reservoir Optimal Operating
Rules Generated by Stochastic Optimization

Douglas J. Knowlton and Roger M. Hoffer. Computer-aided Analysis of
Radar Data for Forest Cover Mapping

H. R. Lemmer and Aldo Giorgini. HECSECT: A Computer Program for
the Graphical Representation of River Cross Sections

C. W. Lovell. Specification of Fill Compaction

Mark Smith and Aldo Giorgini. SURZUNI: A Computer Laboratory for
Numerical Experiments with Liquid Motion in the Presence of Surface

T. Trezos and A. RAVINDRAN. Multiobjective Approach for Energy Planning and Allocation

David R. Voltmer and Roger N. Gallion. Virtual Instrumentation: Micro-computers at Work in the Laboratory