• Richard W. Miller


Abstracts included:

James R. Aldrich. The Flora and Vegetation of the Big Chapman
Lake Wetlands, Kosciusko County, Indiana.

Spencer Cortwright. The Roles of Dispersal and History in
Amphibian Communities.

James D. Hengeveld. Does the Starvation of Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) Nestlings Benefit the Surviving Nest Mates?

Thomas S. McComish. A 1984 Diet Evaluation for Salmonids from Indiana Waters of Lake Michigan.

Michael Magier and Stephen Perrill. The Non-calling Male Tactic
in the Northern Cricket Frog, Acris crepitans.

Molly R. Morris. Mating Behavior and Sexual Selection in the
Gray Treefrog (Hyla chrysoscelis).

Craig E. Nelson. Can Diets Affect Frog Distributions?

G.A. Romero and Craig E. Nelson. Why Should a Flower Scare its Pollinators?

Edwin R. Squiers and Cynthia J. Krauss. The Relationship between Weed Community Development and Tillage Type in Grant County, Indiana Field Corn Plantings.

Rod Walton. Density-dependent Mortality and Distribution of
Eggs by the Goldenrod Gall Fly.

Stacia Yoon and Stephen Perrill. Acoustical Signals in the
Northern Cricket Frog Acris crepitans.

Author Biography

Richard W. Miller