• H. Fred Siewert


Abstracts included:

William Beranek, Jr. and Elizabeth Dusold. The Technical Basis of an Indiana Groundwater Quality Policy: The Marion County

Brad H. Carter, Mary Lou Fox, Richard W. Miller, Robert A.
Pribush, Michael J. Stevenson and Mark Westfall. Survey of
Indiana Streams for Sensitivity to Acid Deposition.

H.E. Dunn, B.P. Miller, G.P. Lutz and J.M. Little. Evaporation Rates of Organic Liquids at Wind Speeds and Liquid Temperatures.

Larissa Godish and Thad Godish. Acid Effects on Mortality,
Light Sensitivity and Regeneration of Fresh Water Planaria.

Thad Godish, Jerome Rouch and David McClure. Metabolically-enhanced C0<sub>2</sub> Levels in Classroom Environments in a Variable Air Volume Climate Controlled Building.

Robert Morse, Jerry Papenmeier, Jack E. Leonard and William
Beranek, Jr. Gas Chromatography as a Screening Tool for Total Volatile Organics in Groundwater and Surface Water Samples.

Joseph R. Siefker and Anthony P. Neidlinger. Chemical Analysis
of Two Lakes in Vigo County, Indiana for Specific Components.

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H. Fred Siewert
Environmental Quality