Gary D. Ellis


C.Michael Anslinger—Analysis of Three Tool Kits from the Bluegrass Site (W162), a Late Archaic French Lick Phase Site in WarrickCounty

Diane E. Beynon—Final Report on the Excavations at Fox Island (12AL121) Allen County, Indiana

Mark Cantin and Robert E. Pace—Provenience and Use of Chert from the Ditney Hills, Warrick County, Indiana

Mary Ellen Carpenter and Robert E. Pace—Bone and Antler Industry at a Late Archaic, French Lick Phase Site (W162) in Warrick County

Marcia Elliott and Robert E. Pace—French Lick Phase Burials and
Mortuary Customs of the Bluegrass Site (W162), Warrick County,

Misty Jackson and Robert E. Pace—Archaeological Resources and Riverbank Erosion in Western Indiana

Daniel P. Thiel and Robert E. Pace—Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in Northwest Warrick County, Indiana

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