Indiana Academy of Science


A. A. Susalla—Green Tissue in a Genetic Albino Strain of Tobacco
—An Ultrastructural Study of its Plastics

T. J. Crovello—The Use of Computers to Help to Teach
Plant Biology

K. Krawczyk and D. M. Huber—Standardization of Aminopeptidase Profiles for the Identification of Plant Pathogenic

R. H. L. Howe—Oxygen Production by Algae and a New Interpretation of its Mechanism

R. J. Stroz and J. A. Gross—Identification of Phytoene in
Euglena gracilis

W. N. Doemel and A. E. Brooks—A new Algal Assay to Determine
the Growth Potential of Phosphorus Containing Natural

A. E. Brooks and W. N. Doemel—The Effect of Sewage Phos-phorus Reduction on Algal Growth Potential of Lake Waters

T. R. Mertens—Student Investigations of Speciation in

S. K. Satterfield and T. R. Mertens—Rhoeo spathacea: A Tool
for Teaching Meiosis and Mitosis

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