• Eric C. Johnson


Joseph L. Bolan, Michael Flynt and Mohammad Behforouz—Modification of the Classical Preparative Method of Carbonyl 2, 4-Dinitrophenylhydrazones

Joseph L. Bolan and Mohammad Behforouz—Regiospecific Addition of Organocuprate Reagents to a, ^-unsaturated Esters

Stanley L. Burden and Steven E. Nygren—On-line Data Acquisition and Reduction System for Lineweaver-Burk Enzyme Kinetics Studies Using a U.V. -Visible Spectrophotometer and an Apple II Plus Microcomputer

Shrkrishna W. Dhawale and Brian Short—Concentration and pH Dependent Stability of Sodium Thiosulfate Solutions

H.E. Dunn, B.G. Addison, P. A. Peters, M.J. Phillips, C.Y. Meyers and T.N. Schmitz—The Reaction of Aroyl Chlorides with 1, 1-Dichloroethene: The First Reported Synthesis of (3, @, /3-Trichloropropiophenones

Jeffrey A. Gordon and Eric R. Johnson—The Design of a High Pressure Liquid Chromatography-based System for the Quantitative Determination of Denaturant-stable Protease Cleavage Specificities

William Gross and James P. Rybarczyk—A Comprehensive One-year Chemical Study of Acid Precipitation across Central Indiana

Deborah L. Guttman and A.J.C.L. Hogarth—Exploratory Experiments in Thermometric Titrimetry Using Hypohalites as Oxidimetric Reagents

F.J. Hadley, J. Bondi and I. Schwartzman—Permanganate Oxidations of Aldehydes in Non-aqueous Media

Cheryl K. Hostetler and John A. Mosbo—A Kinetic Study of the Reaction of W(CO)4 (phosphine) (pyridine) Complexes with Phosphines

Rebecca M. Lamkin and Eric R. Johnson—Quantitative Assessment of the Cleavage Preference of Guanidine-stable Chymoelastase in the Presence of Denaturant

Patricia L. Lang and Robert E. Van Atta—Rapid Colorimetric Estimation of Acetate in Commercial Vinegar

John McCune, Bahman Nassim and Jerry R. Dias—Isomerization of the 5- and 14-Positions of A7-6-Oxo Steroids

Bahman Nassim and Pierre Crabbe—Mass Spectral Fragmentation of Novel Steroidal Ketones and Ketals

Barth H. Ragatz and Gina M. Modrak—Evaluation of Fluorescent Membrane Probes as Potential Detectors of Resolved Amniotic Fluid Phospholipids

Barth H. Ragatz and Gina M. Modrak—Hydrolysis of the Adenine Nucleotides, AMP and ADP, and Selected Purine and Phosphate Modified Analogs

Patrick J. Selby and Bruce N. Storhoff—The Synthesis and Study of Functionalized Phosphines: Phosphine-nitrile and Phosphine-amine Ligands with Long Spacer Chains

Joseph R. Siefker and Bradley K. Yowell—Detection of Trace Substances by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Lynn R. Sousa, Todd E. Trehearne and Robert W. Stevenson—The Synthesis of a Crown Ether Designed to Exhibit Alkali Metal Cation Enhancement of Crown Ether Fluorescence

Norman Sproch and James P. Rybarczyk—Sample Introduction Effects on the Excitation Mechanism in the Inductively Coupled Plasma

Jeffrey G. Stack and Robert J. Olsen—Fragmentation and Isomerization of Trimethylene Sulfites

Lindsay S. Stelzer and Mohammad Behforouz—Pyridine Synthesis: Dielsalder Reactions of 1-Azadienes with Acetylenic Carboxylates

R. Lewis Van Atta and Robert E. Van Atta —Digital Coding of Infrared Spectra and Computer File Searching with the TI-99/4A