• Ruth Howes


Abstracts included:

Karen G. Ferguson, Bradley A. Silburt, Doreen Wiley and F.R.
Steldt. A Novel 360° Hologram.

Uwe J. Hansen, Scott Hampton and Thomas D. Rossing. Holographic Interferometric Vibration Studies.

Uwe J. Hansen, John Popp, Thomas D. Rossing and William Y.
Strong. Modal Analysis Studies of Guitars.

Hollis R. Johnson, Thomas B. Ake and Joel A. Eaton. Chromospheres of Red Giant Stars.

Samir I. Sayegh. Non-linear Differential Equations and Symbolic
Manipulation in Physics.

Michael R. Witty and Ronald M. Cosby. Thermal Energy
Reclamation from Industrial Process Wastewater.

Kevin Yaussy, Roger Rollins and E.R. Hunt. Numerical Evidence
for Fractal Basin Boundaries for the Duffing Oscillator.

Author Biography

Ruth Howes
Physics and Astronomy