• Gary Dolph


Abstracts included:

Vincent A. DiNoto, Jr. What Can You Do with One Sheet of Paper?

Thomas A. Fogle and Karilee Watson. Teaching Genetics to Gifted Junior High Girls.

Dorothy L. Gabel and K.V. Samuel. Students' Conceptions of the Particulate Nature of Matter.

Uwe J. Hansen. Holography in the High School Classroom.

E.J. Holt and R.R. Hall. A Visually Dynamic Method to Investigate Enzyme Characteristics: Chymotryptic Digestion of Milk.

Susan M. Johnson and Mildred T. Ballou. Science Instruction
Designed to Help Young Children Understand the Nature of

Jane Butler Kahle. Science Career Options for Rural Environment Students.

Wilson B. Lutz. The Preparation of a Vat Dye and Its Application
to Cotton: An Experiment Suitable for the Introductory Chemistry Laboratory.

John A. Ricketts. Chemical Education in the Peoples Republic of

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