Indiana Academy of Science


K. Seibert and M. Pollard—Some Aspects of Humoral Immunity
in Germfree and Conventional SJL/J Mice in Relationship
to Age

R. H. L. Howe—Oxygen Demand of a Fermenter Medium and
its Determination

J. R. Kirkpatrick, L. E. Dolin and 0. W. Godfrey—The
Role of Lysine in Antibiotic Biosynthesis in Streptomyces

J. K. Ashley and A. S. Bennett—The Elongation of Palmitic Acid
in Penicillium chrysogenum

K. Krawczyk and D. M. Huber—Standardization of Aminopeptidase Profiles for the Identification of Plant Pathogenic

M. R. Tansey—Ecology of Thermophilic Fungi in Natural Habitats,
with Emphasis on Pathogenic Species

K. Schell—Aspects of the Control of Virus Diseases

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