Indiana Academy of Science


V. S. Beeson and H. A. Bender—Genetic Suppression and Enhancement of the Lozenge-eye Mutant of Drosophila melanogaster

J. L. Albright, J. R. Elkins and M. D. Cunningham—The Use
of Sound to Disrupt a Winter Roost of Starlings (Sturnis
vulgaris) in Livestock Barns

W. J. Brett—Long Term Rhythmicity in the Turtle Heart and
the Effects of Changes in Light-Dark Cycles

R. E. Schaffer—Seasonal Weight Changes of Tamias striatus in

P. S. Ray—The Effect of Taurine on Ouabain-induced Hypoglycemia

D. C. Rubin—Notes on the Reproductive Habits of the Slimy
Salamander, Plethodon glutinosus, in West-Central Indiana

D. S. Guinn and G. W. Welker—Psittacidae—A Monograph of the
Parrot Family

R. S. Benda—Heated Effluents and the Occurrence of Lernaea

T. Joseph—Observations on the Gross Morphology of the Oocyst
Walls in Some Coccidia

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