Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Henry H. Gray


Abstracts included:

Scot Adams and Gunnar Kullerud. Pennsylvanian Oil and Gas Occurrences in Sullivan County, Indiana

Robert F. Blakely. Computer Generated Stereograms

John B. Droste, Talal F. Abdulkareem and John B. Patton. Correlation
and Nomenclature of Middle Ordovician Stratigraphic Units in Indiana

Gary D. Ellis. The Kolarik Mastodon Site

Glenn Montgomery. Current Applications of Interactive Geographic Data
Bases and Land Data Systems

Allan F. Schneider and Mark Reshkin. Identification of the Twocreekan
Substage in Indiana

Alfred T. Smith and Perry E. Zack. A Study of Lake Chicago Calumet
Beach Sediments

Terry R. West, Thomas Kallio and David Warder. Construction of an
Apartment/Social Center Complex in Karst Terrain, Bloomington,

Geology and Geography