Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Richard J. Jensen


Abstracts included:

Theodore J. Crovello. Floristic Regions of the World: Doctor Armen
Takhtajan's Recent Floristic System

Larry A. Hauser and Theodore J. Crovello. Phylogeny, Character
Trends, and Distribution Patterns in the Thelypodieae Tribe (Brassicaceae)

Richard J. Jensen. Was the Type Population of Quercus ellipsoidalis
E. J. Hill a Hybrid Swarm?

Philip A. Orpurt. Conium maculatum L. (Poison Hemlock) in Indiana

Helene Starcs. Two New Sedges (Cyperaceae) for Indiana

Timothy Storbeck. The Taxonomy of Some Southeastern Sunflowers
(Helianthus Ser. microcephali)

Plant Taxonomy