Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Robert F. Dale


Abstracts included:

R. H. Brady, J. T. Snow and D. R. Smith. Sub-Synoptic Analyses of the
Severe Weather of 9/10 July 1980

Steven J. Kristof and Richard P. Mroczynski. Mapping Hydric Soils of
Arctic and Subarctic Wetlands Using Landsat MSS Data

J. W. Lightner, C. L. Rhykerd, D. B. Mengel, G. E. Van Scoyoc, E. L.
Hood and C. H. Noller. Calcium and Magnesium Relationships in Poa
pratensis L. as Affected by NPK Fertilization on Edwards Muck

A. J. Ohlrogge and Sherry Fulk-Bringman. Dissolution Rates of Agricultural Limestone Granules in Soils

J. T. Snow and R. H. Brady. The Purdue Regional Objective Analysis of
the Mesoscale (PROAM) Scheme

G. C. Steinhardt, J. E. Yahner and B. L. Delks. Monitoring Crops for
Integrated Pest Management Using Color Infrared Photography

Soil and Atmospheric Sciences