Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Larry Ganion


Abstracts included:

J. L. Albright, R. Kilgour and W. G. Whittlestone. The Krushinsky
Apparatus: A Test for Self Awareness in Farm Animals

Larry R. Ganion. Localization of Glycoproteins in Prepubertal Mouse

R. R. Hall and K. L. Esbenshade. Effects of Triamcinolone Acetonide on
the Metabolism of Phenolic Compounds in the Adult Female Mouse

Mohinder S. Jarial. Fine Structure of the Pig Harderian Gland

R. 0. McCracken, A. Garcia and H. G. Robins. Mebendazole Therapy of
Enteral Trichinellosis in Mice

Eric D. Mould and David M. Sever. Effects of Prolonged Starvation of
Male A mbystoma tigrinum in Post-reproductive Condition

James M. Reynolds and Charles E. Mays. A Preliminary Study of the
Effects of Sidestream Smoke on Postnatal Development and Growth in

J. Dan Webster. The Subspecies of the North American Brown Creeper

Pamela J. White, Robert B. Fischer and Gary F. Meunier. Investigation of Maternal Pheromones in Octodon degus