• Stanley S. Shimer


Walter A. Cory, Jr.—The New IAS Fellowship Program for Secondary School Science Teachers

Richard G. France—A New Zoo in Indianapolis

Linda Hamrick—A Classroom-applicable Methodology for Evaluation of Maturation in Cognitive Structure

Susan M. Johnson—Rationale and Tactics for Increasing Scientific Investigation by Secondary School Students

R.S. Manalis, K.L. Howard and A.W. O'Shaughnessy—Oxygen Consumption and Osmoregulation in the Goldfish in the Student Laboratory

Van E. Neie—A Summer Course in Physics for Gifted Junior High School Students

Stanley S. Shimer—How Teachers of Various Backgrounds Solve the Problem of Sequencing Four Masses with a Pan Balance

F.R. Steldt—A Simple Way to Produce 360° Holograms

Albert A. Williams—General Science Education in Indiana

Science Education