K. Michael Foos


Abstracts included:

Blair Brengle, William Stillwell and Stephen Wassall. The Effect of Abscisic Acid on Membrane Aggregation and Fusion.

O.P. Caracci and C.T. Hammond. Effect of Inductive Photoperiods on Cannabinoid Biosynthesis in Seedlings of Cannabis sativa L. (Cannabaceae).

Ellen A.G. Chernoff. Micropropagation of Rare and Endangered Hip-peastrum (Amaryllis) Species.

K. Michael Foos and Judith A. Royer. Comparison of Iron Sources for Pilobolus.

Traci Gilland and James J. Tobolski. In Vitro Propagation of Pin Oak.

C.T. Hammond and P.G. Mahlberg. Ultrastructure of Specialized Plastids in the Glandular Secretory System of Cannabis sativa L. (Cannabaceae).

Thomas R. Mertens. A Remarkable Purple-flowered Specimen of Daucus carota.

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