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L. S. Hill and E. Boschmann—Why Square Planar Complexes

B. N. Storhoff and A. J. Infante— Rhenium (I) Complexes of

P. L. Bock and G. M. Whitesides—The Stereochemistry of Reactions at Carbon Transition Metal-Bonds

M. Svoboda and R. W. Roeske—Synthesis and Catalytic Properties of a Cyclic Octapeptide

S. M. Kalbag and R. W. Roeske—Synthesis and Binding Properties of Cyclic Hexapeptides Containing CIS-4-Aminocyclohexane Carboxylic Acid

D. R. Hogue and E. S. Wagner—Reaction Mechanism of Benzyl-penicillin with 2-Mercaptoethylamine

W. E. Groves and T. L. Kruger—Synthesis and Cope Elimination of N-(2-Deuteroethyl)-N-ethyl aniline oxide

T. L. Kruger and H. F. Baney— The Polonovski Reaction of Substitutes-N, N-diethylaniline Oxides

E. Schwartz and S. K. Porter—Temperature Dependence of the
Surface Tensions of Aqueous n-Heptanol Solutions

R. H. L. Howe—The Comparison of Calcium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide for Chemical Processing Liquid Wastes Control and Purification

R. C. Koile and R. E. Van Atta— Physical and Chemical Evaluation of Used Motor Oil

A. C. Worthington and J. H. Meiser—Diffusion of Ca+ +, Mg+ +
, and Pb + + and their Interaction with Precipitated Amino Acid

A. Siegel—High Resolution Mass Spectrum of Non-Vicinal13 C2 Labeled Tropylium Iodide

R. J. Binnion, J. H. Meiser and D. E. Koltenbah—Radiocarbon
Dating of Indian Site Remains of Indiana

C. E. Wilson—Computer Simulation of Titration Curves

S. L. Burden and D. E. Euler—Titration Errors Arising from the
Use of Gran Plots with Experimentally Obtained Data from a
Strong Acid-Strong Base Titration

G. A. Sherwood and R. E. Van Atta—An Experiment in Practical
Polarography—Determination of Zinc and /or Manganese in Magnesium Alloys

D. F. Storhoff and E. S. Wagner—Synthesis and Characterization
of Penicilloyl-Poly-L-Cysteine : A Possible Skin Test Reagent for Penicillin Allergy

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