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G. L. Spangler and R. E. Siverly—A Preliminary Report of Mosquito Population Sampling Methods in Delaware County, Indiana, 1973

J. J. McGivern—Non-Random Segregation of Interchange Complexes in a Compound Structural Rearrangement (Translocation + Inversion) in the Mosquito, Aedes aegypti

R. E. Siverly and J. Joyner— Notes on Identification and Biology
of Bufolucilia silvarum (Meigen) (Diptera, Calliphoridae) in
East-Central Indiana

J. W. Burgess—Review of Findings on the Taxonomic Status of
Culex pipiens L. and Culex fatigans Wiedemann in the United

E. Levine—Biology of Bellura gortynoides Walker (=vulnifica
(Grote)), the Yellow Water Lily Borer (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

T. M. Lee and R. E. Siverly—A Preliminary Study of Autogeny in
Stenogamous and Nonstenogamous Strains of Culex pipiens
pipiens (Northern House Mosquito)

T. M. Lee and R. E. Siverly— Evaluation of ALTOSID SL-10 in
Controlling Mosquito Populations in an Industrial Waste Lagoon

R. E. Siverly—Observations on the Biology of Mansonia perturbans (Walker) (Diptera, Culicidae) in Indiana

D. L. Schuder—A New Barberry Pest Found in Indiana

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