• Eldon L. Hood


Abstracts included:

M.F. Baumgardner. A World Soils and Terrain Digital Database.

Shawn B. Harley and John T. Snow. A Comparative Study of Economical Rain Gauges.

T.L. Henderson, M.F. Baumgardner and D.E. Scott. Contribution of Organic Fractions to Soil Spectral Reflectance.

Thomas M. McClelland and John T. Snow. The DNA PHETS Dust Devil Census.

Gayther L. Plummer. Some Astrophysical Aspects of Drought.

John T. Snow, Mark D. Conner, Michelle A. Akridge, Thomas M.
McClelland and Shawn B. Harley. Results of a Mass Balloon Launch over Indiana.

A. Szilagyi and M. Baumgardner. Use of Remote Sensing to Study the Soils of Hungary.

Author Biography

Eldon L. Hood
Soil and Atmospheric Sciences