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S. J. Kristof and M. F. Baumgardner—Mapping Soil Patterns
with Multispectral Data from the Earth Resources Technology

D. R. Hendricks and D. D. Waters— Growth Results of Black
Walnut (Juglans nigra) Seedlings of Different Seed Sources
on Soils of East-Central and Southeastern Indiana 1967-1972

H. W. Ohm—Effect of Nitrogen and Herbicides on Oat Grain
Protein Content

D. W. Nelson and R. K. Stivers—Relationship of Soil Fertility
Practices to the Nitrate Content of Drainage Water from
Indiana Soils

C. R. Church and M. D. Abel—Determinations of the Atmospheric
Electric Conduction Current

W. R. Gommel and R. A. Gommel—Air Temperature Fluctuation
Aboard the Massalia During the Eclipse of 30 June 1973

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