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J. E. Albrecht and L. L. Hearson—An Analysis of the Nervemitotic Distribution in the Regenerating Forelimb of the Axolotl, Ambystoma mexicanum

R. D. Kirkpatrick and A. M. Cartwright—List of Mammals
Known to Occur in Belize, Central America

D. A. JONES—Blood Characteristics and Activity of some Neotropical Frogs

C. Sinclair and J. A. Albright—Maternal Behavior in Domestic
and Wild Swine: An Ethological Approach

V. H. Resh—Diversity, Stability and Temporal Organization of a
Stream Caddisfly Community

J. F. Bellot and W. J. Brett—Blood Clearance and Tissue Uptake
of Aminoglutethimide

T. Joseph—Coccidia from the Opossum, Didelphis virginiana

S. A. Minton—Observations on Sea Snakes at Ashmore Reef,
Timor Sea

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