• Craig E. Nelson


Abstracts included:

Steven E. Backs. An Application of Techniques to Assess the Spatial Distribution of Land Cover or Habitat Types.

Martin B. Berg and Ronald A. Hellenthal. Seasonal Phenology of Chironomids in a Northern Indiana Stream.

Kenneth M. Burton and Donald R. Whitehead. Breeding Status of the Loggerhead Shrike (Lanius ludovicianus) in Indiana.

Cory R. Etchberger, John B. Phillips, Michael A. Ewert, Henry Prange, and Craig E. Nelson. The Effects of Oxygen Concentration on Embryonic Development, Post-Hatching Characteristics, and Sex Ratio in the Red-Eared Turtle (Pseudemys scripta).

Burnell C. Fischer and Richard K. Myers. Thirty-four Years of Tree Growth Data at the Southern Indiana Purdue Agricultural Center.

Ronald P. Hellmich and Arthur L. Springarn. Quantitative Analysis of Four Nature Preserves in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Ellen M. Jacquart and Arthur L. Springarn. Summer Drought Response of an Old-Growth Woods.

Douglas C. Keller and David J. Hicks. Presettlement and Modern Vegetation Patterns in Wabash County, Indiana.

Thomas S. McComish and Steven M. Shroyer. Yellow Perch Fecundity in Indiana Waters of Lake Michigan, 1985-86.

Felix Moxter and William R. DeMott. Chemically Mediated Discrimination Against Blue-Green Algae by Suspension-Feeding Copepods.

T. Mark Olsen, David M. Lodge, Gary W. Kohlhepp, and Louise M. Weber. Survey of Distribution of Freshwater Snails in the St. Joseph and Kankakee River Basins (St. Joseph and Marshall Counties, Indiana).

Stephen A. Perrill. Does the Female Northern Cricket Frog (Acris crepitans) Discriminate Male Advertisement Calls Based on Frequency (Pitch) Differences?

Brian E. Viets. The Effects of Temperature on Sex and Development in the Iguanid Lizard Sceloporus undulatus.

M. Desiree Watson and William DeMott. The Role of Perceptual Biases in Food Selection by Suspension-Feeding Copepods.

Author Biography

Craig E. Nelson