Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Curtis H. Tomak


Abstracts included:

C. Michael Anslinger. Riverton Lithic Technology at the Wint Site,
Bartholomew County, Indiana

Diane E. Benyon and Paul Jean Provost. A Preliminary Report on Recent
Explorations at Fox Island, Allen County, Indiana

Donald R. Cochran and William Epler. 12-Wb-90, Lithic Source Areas
and Settlement Pattern Analysis in the Lower Mississinewa Drainage

Phil McClure and Robert E. Pace. Experimental Archeology: The
Building of a Controlled Prehistoric Site on a 50 Meter by 50 Meter

Robert E. Pace. Some Regional Variations in the Late Archaic

Robert E. Pace and Daniel P. Theil. Albee Component at the Cooke Site
(P-5) Parke County, Late Woodland in the Central Wabash Valley

Melanie A. Reseigh. Mechanical Stress in a Late Woodland Population

William F. Reseigh. A Survey of the Upland Forest and Prarie Conjunction
in Vermillion County, Indiana

Curtis H. Tomak. Bono: A Late Archaic Shell Midden in Lawrence County,

Mark Wolfal. The Melvin Site-12-B-401