Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Kathryn Wilson


Abstracts included:

D.S. Egel and P.E. Pope. Growth of Green Ash Seedlings Influenced by Available Soil Phosphorus but not Mycorrhizal Inoculation

C. James Francoeus and L. David Polley. Abnormal Dependence on Potassium in Chlamydomonas: Evidence for Transport Deficient Mutants

Judith K. Greenlee. Genetic and Morphological Differences in Twelve Populations of Collinsia verna (Scrophulariaceae)

Paul Mahlberg and Donald Fields. Micromorphology and Chemistry of Fossil Laticifers from Brown Coal Desposits of the Eocene

Lori H. Nichols and David F. Spencer. The Effect of Organic Chelators and Divalent Cations on Nickel Toxicity to Two Species of Green Algae

Philip A. Orpurt. A Fairy Ring of Chlorophyllum molybdites (Fr.) Sacc

P.E. Pope. Pisolithus tinctorius Colonization and Site Conditions Influence Establishment of Red Oak Seedlings

Steven R. Spilatro and Paul G. Mahlberg. Dissolution and Chemical Composition of Laticifer Starch in Euphorbia pulcherrima

William Stillwell and Paul Hester. Kinetin and Abscisic Acid Increase the Rate of Water Permeability across Lipid Bilayers

Kathryn J. Wilson. Callus Growth and Embryogenesis in Tissue Cultures of Asclepias tuberosa L. (Asclepiadaceae)