Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Douglas W. Duff


Abstracts included:

Z. Iqbal, L. McKitrick and S. Ochs. Role of Calmodulin in Nerve Function

Mohinder S. Jarial and Duncan Kennedy. The Effect of Hyperthermia on the Murine Mammary Tumors: A Light and Electron Microscopic Study

Julie A. Olsen and Mark Hatfield. Superoxide Dismutase Activity in Crown Gall Tumors

M.L. Richeson and A.S. Bennett. Effects of Dietary Stearic Acid on Cellular Characteristics of Mouse Mammary Tissue and Spontaneous Mammary Adenocarcinomas

William Stillwell and Steven Nahmias. Retinol Enhances Aggregation and Fusion of Egg Lecithin Liposomes

Cell Biology