Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Margaret A. Cavanaugh


Abstracts included:

Daniel V. Brown, Dennis A. Drake, Constance A. Kiesler and John A.
Mosbo. The Effects of Phosophorus Ligand Size on the cis:trans Distribu-tions W (CO)<sub>
4</sub> LL' Complexes

Stanley L. Burden and Stephen H. Flowers. Computer Controlled Multiple Standard Addition System for Use with Ion Selective Electrodes

Neal E. Coleman and Eric R. Johnson. The Isolation and Characterization of a Denaturant-stable Bacterial Protease

Thomas Duffy, Myoung Hee Lee and Thomas Nowak. Stereoselective Ligand Interactions with Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase

Jane E. Hinners and Terry Kruger. Enthalpy of Nucleophilic Addition to Enenitriles

A.J.C.L. Hogarth and T.S. West. A Spectrophotometric Investigation of the Reaction Between Aqueous Cadmium (II) Ions and Electrolytically Generated Hydroxide Ions

Robert H.L. Howe. A 4-H Theory of Photosynthesis by Green Plants

Katherine J. Jordan and Eric R. Johnson. The Proteolytic Action of Guanidine-stable Chymoelastase on Low Molecular Weight Peptides

Robert J. Olsen, Brad D. Maxwell and C. Allen Ridgeway. Singlet and Triplet Mechanisms in the Photochemistry of Benzyl Sulfite

B.H. Ragatz, P.G. Iatridis and S.G. Iatridis. Inhibition of ADP-Induced Aggregation of Human Platelet-Rich Plasma Suspensions by the B, α Phosphoric Acid Analog of ATP

B.H. Ragatz and B.A. Otfinoski. Potential Method for the Improved Determination of Lecithin/Sphingomyelin Ratios in Patient Amniotic Fluid Samples

Bernard S. Wostmann and Margaret H. Beaver. Effect of the Presence of a Clostridium sp. on Fecal Bile Acids of a Gnotobiotic Gerbil