Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • David Spencer


Abstracts included:

Ann M. Bergquist and Stephen R. Carpenter. Size Distributions of Dune Pond Plankton: The Role of Herbivory

Jack E. Chaney, Stephen R. Carpenter and Nancy J. McCreary. Scale of Spatial Pattern: Four Methods Compared Using Simulations and Field Data

Richard W. Greene. Algal Symbiosis in a Freshwater Flatworm

Deborah A. Kegel. Patterns of Allocations in Podophyllum peltatum L. (Berberidaceae)

J.W. Lightner, C.L. Rhykerd, D.B. Mengel, L.E. Sommers and G.E. Van Scoyoc. A Technique for Measuring Ammonia Volatilization from Surface Application of Urea to Dactylis glomerata L. Pasture

Nancy J. McCreary, Stephen R. Carpenter and Jack E. Chaney. Competition and Coexistence in Submersed Freshwater Perennials

Mark Miner and David T. Krohne. An Analysis of Dispersal in an Unmanipulated Population of Peromyscus leucopus

G.R. Parker and D.J. Leopold. Replacement of Ulmus americans L. in an Old-Growth Central Indiana Woods

Chris Peterson and Edwin R. Squiers. An Analysis of the Community Gradient Between an Aspen-Maple Upland Forest and an Alder-Cedar Swamp Forest in Northern Lower Michigan

Edwin R. Squiers, Martha Sitler, Mark Breederland and Chris Peterson. An Eco-Inventory of the Grass River Natural Area, Antrim County, Michigan

Carl E. Warnes. Use of Aeromonas hydrophila as an Indicator of Trophic State in Indiana Lakes

Walter Weber. Rats and Mice Transmit More than 200 Zoonotic Pathogenic Organisms

Richard L. Whitman. Limnological Characteristics of a Southern Indiana Lake During Manual Removal of Macrophytes followed by Addition of a Photosynthetic Inhibiting Dye

Richard L. Whitman and Eugene J. Faron. The Use of Sediment Oxygen Demand in Stream Sediment and Water Quality Assessment of Salt Creek, Porter County, Indiana