Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • Robert Pinger


Abstracts included:

William J. Berry. The Influence of Nutrient Levels of the Colonization of Tires by Mosquitoes

Bartholomew G. Corsaro and Leonard Munstermann. Electrophoretic Separation of Northern Indiana Culex Species

Vas Dev and Karamjit S. Rai. On the Genetic Basis of Non-reciprocal Fertility among Members of the Aedes (Stegomyia) scutellaris Group (Diptera; Culicidae)

John G. Duman. Ice Nucleating Proteins from the Freeze Tolerant Queens of the White Faced Hornet, Vespula maculata

Kathleen L. Horwarth and John G. Duman. Hormonal Regulation of Antifreeze Protein Production in Larvae of the Beetle Dendroides canadensis

Mark A. Zajac and M. Curtis Wilson. Evaluation of a Method of Estimating Yields of Alfalfa under Insect Stress