• David R. Ober


Abstracts included:

Joseph J. Bellina, Jr. A Liberating Course in Physics.

Alice S. Bennett, David Govaer, John Hammer, Natalie Longfellow, and David R. Ober. Measurements of Radon in Muncie City Water.

Clarence Brooks and Ronald Cosby. Preliminary Network Model of a Silicon Concentrator Solar Cell.

Robert C. Buschert, Mark A. Guengerich, and Carl S. Helrich. Double Crystal X-Ray Spectrometer for High Sensitivity Lattice Parameter Measurements.

Shankar Guru and John Swez. Assembly and Evaluation of a Radon Calibration Chamber: First Attempt.

Uwe J. Hansen. Low Temperature Physics in the High School Classroom: High Temperature Superconductivity.

Uwe J. Hansen. Modal Studies of Hand Bells.

Melinda Harman and Ruth Howes. Air Resistance and Energy Efficient Transportation.

Carl S. Helrich. The Effects of Spin-Spin Interaction on the Magnetic Susceptibility of Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors (DMS).

Jeffrey R. Johanning and Gerald P. Thomas. Testing Drift Chambers as a Component of Preparation for the Fixed Target Run for Experiment #683 at FNAL.

David Renneke, Jeremy Kropf, Robert Buschert, and Carl Helrich. X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Thin Titanium Nitride Films.

Roger L. Scott. An Assessment of the Effect of Various Developers on the Sensitivity of Hypersensitized Kodak Technical Pan Film.

Gerald P. Thomas and Robert D. Cox. Implementation and Application of a Single Chip, Off the Shelf, 8-Bit Microcomputer in the Context of Monitoring and Control of a Physical System.

Susan L. Thompson and Gerald P. Thomas. Design and Implimentation of a Microcomputer-Based Alarm System.

Yong Zhan and Ronald Cosby. Analysis of Tracking Error Effects for the Fresnel Mirror Solar Concentrator.

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David R. Ober
Physics and Astronomy