Abstracts of papers not published in full

  • John H. Cleveland


Abstracts included:

G.W. Crosby and T.R. West. Environmental and Engineering Geology of Hancock County, Indiana

Georgina L. Cundiff and Padmaja D. Manerikar. The Renault Formation (Mississippian) in Southwestern Owen County, Indiana

Rahim Khavidi. Indianapolis: A New Urban Image

C.W. Lovell. Determination of Pore Size Distribution in Soils and Rocks

Tim Morris, Robert C. Howe and Ned K. Bleuer. Aligned Kettles, Morgan County, Indiana

Suzanne Peterson, Christopher G. Maples and N. Gary Lane. Use of Chemical Surfactants in Disaggregating Argillaceous Rocks

Peter A. Worcester and James E. McNulty. A Structurally and Stratigraphically Anomalous Area near Charlestown, Indiana

Geology and Geography