• John S. Castrale


Abstracts included:

James H. Bandoli. Use of Artificial Nest Sites by Spottail Darters.

Simon C. Beeching. The Role of Visual Cues in the Reproductive Behavior of the Cichlid Fish Astronotus ocellatus.

K.M. Bluemel, M. Duff, M. O'Toole, W.C. Randall, and R.D. Wurster. Vagal Postganglionic Pathways to the Sinoatrial Node of the Dog Heart.

Theodore J. Couillard, John C. Riddle, and David T. Krohne. Population Response of Small Mammals to Emergence of Periodic Cicadas.

David L. Daniell. Pseudosuccinea columella, a Natural Host of Schistosomatium douthitti in Indiana.

Kevin W. Firth, Steven K. Huprich, Walter C. Randall, and Tim Burkholder. Selective Vagal Innervation of Sinoatrial vs. Atrioventricular Nodes in the Rat Heart.

Johnson Ho, Mark Oster, and John S. Castrale. Effects of Lead Shot Ingestion on Mortality, Body Weight, and Concentrations of ALAD and Blood Lead in Mourning Doves.

George C. Iverson. Status and Distribution of the Great Blue Heron in Indiana.

Thomas A. Lesh. Does Pretesting With Norepinephrine Affect the Response of Arterial Smooth Muscle to Vasopressin In Vitro?

Sherman A. Minton. Serologic Relationships of the Rattlesnakes.

Amy Moore and Doris J. Watt. Dominance Interactions Among Familiar and Unfamiliar Dark-Eyed Juncos.

Nancy P. Nekvasil and Anna D'Amico. Development of Osteoporosis in Ovariectomized Sprague-Dawley Rats.

Thomas R. Platt. The Presence of the Meningeal Worm, Parelaphostrongylus tenuis (Nematoda: Metastrongyloidea), in White-Tailed Deer from Indiana, with Notes on the Gastropod Intermediate Hosts.

Ellen M. Roth and Doris J. Watt. Mate Choice in Zebra Finches.

David A. Smith and Christopher C. Henderson. Evidence for Tissue Degrowth in Lymnaea (Pulmonata, Basommatophora).

Jason S. VanLieshout and Grayson S. Davis. Rate and Temperature in Early Development of Rana pipiens.

Ding Wen Wu, John G. Duman, and Charles A. Knight. Physical and Biochemical Characterization of Insect Antifreeze Proteins.

Lei Xu and John G. Duman. Hormonal Control of Hemolymph Protein Involved in Cold Tolerance in Freeze Susceptible Insects.

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John S. Castrale