Indiana Academy of Science


Arthur R. Schulz—Computer-Based Method for Calculation of the
Utilizable Energy of Proteins

William D. Travers and Richard L. Vetter—Low Level Microwave Effects on the Thyroxine-Binding Capacity in Rats

Paul G. Mahlberg and F. R. Turner—Ultrastructural Observations
on Endocytosis (Secondary Vacuolation) in Plant Cells

Thomas H. Gieske—Cadmium Inhibition of Renal Amino Acid

William J. Hurkman—Light-Induced Ultrastructural Change in the
Protein Body of Mung Bean Plastids

William D. Merritt, T. W. Keenan, D. James Morre—Glycosyl
Transferases of Ganglioside Biosynthesis in Rat Liver Hyperplastic Nodules and Hepatomas Induced by N-2 Flourenylacetamide

Florence Juillerat—Molecular Weight Differences in Polypeptides
from Type A and B Trichomonad Costae

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