Indiana Academy of Science


Aldo Giorgini—Civil Engineering Archaeology in Indiana: Programmatic Remarks

M. T. Lewellen and S. J. Kristof—A Multispectral Satellite Land
Use Survey of a Small Urban Area, Terre Haute, Indiana

Henry H. Gray— Bedrock Geology as a Factor in Soil Slides in
Southern Indiana

S. J. Kristof and M. T. Lewellen—Multispectral Satellite Data
Applied to Land Use Studies in Vigo County, Indiana

Charles D. Moseman and Kwang-Chu Chao—Surface Diffusivities
on Activated Carbon Absorbing From Liquids

D. Athanasiou-Grivas and M. E. Harr—Particle Contacts in Discrete Materials

Czeslaw P. Kentzer—Isomorphism of Statistical Turbulence and
Quantum Theory

Arunachalam Ravindran—Inventory Control of New Product

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