Indiana Academy of Science


John W. Hart—New Records of Indiana Collembola

J. L. Stein and W. P. McCafferty—The Ensifera (Orthoptera) of

Leland Chandler—Eusociality in Ceratina Calcarata Robt. (Hy-menoptera : Anthophoridae)

Gertrude L. Ward and Katherine J. Cole—Additions to the Life
History of Chalybion Zimmermanni Dahlbom (Hymenoptera:

R. E. Siverly—Blood Meal Identifications of Culex Pipiens Pipiens
(Northern House Mosquito) Collected During 1972 and 1973
in Delaware and Henry Counties, Indiana

Cathy Coyle—Transport of Fungi by Reticulitermes Flavipes
(Kollar) (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)

James C. Tan and Suzanne E. Hamada—The Effect of Tobacco
Brown Pigments on Tumorigenicity in Drosophila Melanogaster

F. T. Turpin—Computer Simulations as a Research Tool for Agricultural Entomologists

Vicosa, M. G., Leland Chandler, and Jose A. H. Freire—Entomological Problems, Programs, and Progress at the Federal
University of Vicosa

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