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Abdelrahman M. Maarouf, Wilton N. Melhorn—Lithofacies-Ratio Slice Maps as an Exploration Method to Delineate
Aquifers in Glacieated Areas

Abdelrahman M. Maarouf and Wilton N. Melhorn—Evolution
of Quaternary Drainage in Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Gianfranco Rinaldi, W. G. Meinschein, and J. M. Hayes—Intramolecular Carbon Isotopic Distribution in Acetic Acid from
Unpasturized Apple Cider Vinegar

B. D. Kwon and Albert J. Rudman—Comparative Studies of
Methods for Continuation and Derivatives of Potential Fields

Vincent Mikulski and Albert J. Rudman—Continuation of Potential Fields: Model Studies

Thomas J. Stevens—Recent Trends in Malt Beverage Production
and Consumption : The Case of the Indiana Brewers

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