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John Lepera, David Koltenbah, and John Meiser—Progress Report on Radiocarbon Dating at Ball State

James Cunningham and Torsten Alvager—Laboratory Experiments in Nanosecond Fluorescence Spectroscopy

L. Gene Poorman—The Role of College and University Physics Departments in the In-Service Training of Physics Teachers

A. C. Warner, R. L. Place, and P. R. Eddington—The 8 Scuti
Variable Star HR5329: Preliminaries of a Further Investigation

J. Swez, J. Westgard, and A. Barbee—A Field Emission Electron

S. Mrozowski—Low Temperature Anomalies in Specific Heat in
Carbons and Graphites

C. C. Sartain—The Increase in Residual Electrical Resistivity in
Pure Cu, Ni, Co and Fe Due to Irradiation by Fast Neutrons
and its Correlation with Electron Scattering Between the s-and d- Bands

Niel Bendsen and R. Cosby—Lithium Precipitation in Fast-Neutros Irradiated Germanium

David Duecker, Mike Gwinnup, Thomas Lyon, and Charles W.
Miller—A Sulfur Dioxide Survey for Anderson, Indiana

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