Indiana Academy of Science


George M. Brooks, Thomas R. Mertens—Genetic Isolation in Genus Tragopogon

Christopher H. Haufler and Gerald J. Gastony—Chromosomes
and Apomixis in the Fern Genus Bommeria

Judith G. Baroutsis and Gerald J. Gastony— Gametophyte De-velopment in the Fern Genus Anogramma

Hugh Wilson—Experimental Hybridization of the Cultivated
Chenopods (Chenopodium L.) and Wild Relatives

Gayton C. Marks—New County Records for Porter and LaPorte

Clifton Keller—Procedures and Problems in the Incorporation of
Distributional Data into a Computerized Data Bank

Theodore J. Crovello—FLIP: The Flora Indiana Program—Possible

Barbara Kays and Jack Humbles—Indiana Plant Distribution
Records, XXII, 1971-1974

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