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Georgeanne Harris, C. Mayes, Carol L. Richardson, and D.
James Morre—Agglutination of Protoplasts from Crown Gall
Tumors of Bean Leaves

John F. Quinn, William J. Hurkman, Carol L. Richardson, and
D. James Morre—Glycolipids of Plant Tumors

Martha J. Powell, Charles E. Bracker, and D. James Morre
Ultrastructural Characterization of Membrane Fractions from
the Fungus Gilbertella persicaria

Kathryn Wilson, Craig Nessler, and Paul Mahlberg—Pectinase
in the Serum Fraction of Asclepias syriaca L. Latex

Craig L. Nessler and Paul G. Mahlberg—Laticifers in the Stamens
of the Opium Poppy, Papaver somniferum L.

Paul G. Mahlberg, John K. Hemphill, and Jocelyn C. Turner
—The Chromatographic Migration of Cannabinoids as Resolved
by Thin-Layer and Gas Chromatography

Stephen D. Barnard and Stanley D. Warner—Chemically Induced Cytoplasmic Inclusions in Canine Hepatic Cells

Charles W. Goff and Wayne E. Magee—Evidence for Fusion of
Artificial and Natural Membranes

R. C. Eggleton, L. W. Kessler, F. S. Vinson, and G. B. Boder—
Effect of Drugs on Mouse Embryo Hearts in Organ Culture
Visualized by Acoustic Microscopy

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