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John A. Ricketts and Noel J. Fitzpatrick—A Quantum Chemical
Study of the Formation of Formaldimine from HCN Via a
Radical Mechanism

Leroy A. McGrew—Reaction of Phenyl Isocyanate with Active
Methylene Compounds

Gary L. Dunnington and Pang F. Ma—The Separation and Identi-fication of the Two Forms of Human Adenosine Deaminase

Marilyn Gehlhausen and J. A. Mosbo—Syntheses of ß-diamines
and ß-amino alcohols

Joseph R. Siefker and Larry D. Brown—Determination of the
Concentrations of Selected Substances in the Waters of Otter
Creek and the Wabash River, Vigo County, Indiana

Madonna L. Talbert and Eugene S. Wagner—The Irreversible
Binding of Benzylpenicillin to Human Erythrocytes

Stanley L. Burden and Ronald J. Losure—Using Time-Shared
Computer Drill and Testing in General Chemistry

Robert H. L. Howe:—Chemical Oxygen Demand and Biochemical
Oxygen Demand Problems

Donald J. Cook—Chemistry and the Revolution

Charles J. Kelley, Osmund T. 0. Chan, Linda M. Ettestad,
Hazel H. Szeto, Paco A. Paratore, Stephen B. Stackhouse,
and Marvin Carmack—Byproducts of the Darzens Condensation

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