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Robert H. L. Howe—The Reduction of Fecal Coliform by Biological

Byron G. Torke—A Rapid Technique for Instar Identification of
Lake Michigan Copepods

Thomas E. Lauer and Thomas S. McComish—Phytoplankton Population Dynamics of the In-Shore Waters of Southern Lake
Michigan near Michigan City, Indiana from June, 1973 to May

Mary Gossard—A Survey of Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Insecticides
in Fishes from Streams of Central Indiana

Ronald Ridenour and H. E. McReynolds—Preliminary Report on
the Status of a Rare Shiner (Notropis ardens ly thrums) in
the Little Blue River, Crawford County, Indiana

Alan 0. Priebe and Donald R. Whitehead—Changes in Reproduc-ductive Effort Among Dominant Herbaceous Dicots in Early
Old Field Succession

Alton A. Lindsey— Four Decades of Vegetational Change in Mount Rainier National Park, a Photo-Comparison Study

M. E. Tavenner, D. Klopfenstein, and E. Nussbaum—Trace
Elements in Natural Waters of Grant and Surrounding Counties

D. Brian Abrell and Marion T. Jackson—Hoot Woods: Composition and Tree Growth during 1965-1975

F. Ellen Oliver Donselman and Marion T. Jackson—Compari-son of Vigo County, Indiana Vegetation: Presettlement (1814)
versus Contemporary (1974)

Jane Weatherholt Finney and Marion T. Jackson— Composition
of the Presettlement Forests of the "Unglaciated" Jo Daviess
Hills of Northwestern Illinois

Donald E. Miller—Ecological Reactions

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