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Wm. Bently, Jerry Nisbet, and Edwin C. Craig—A Versatile
Biopotential Amplifier Utilizing High-Performance Integrated

Darryl L. Steinert—Physics, the Mind, the Body and the EEG

Ronald J. Losure, Robert Hazen, Richard Oldham, and Charles
W. Miller—A Comparison of Patterns of Sulfur Dioxide Concentrations over Anderson, Indiana Determined with Huey
Sulfaction Plates with those Generated by a Gaussian Plume
Diffusion Model

Ronald J. Losure, Robert Hazen, Richard Oldham, and Charles
W. Miller—A Sulfur Dioxide Survey for Anderson, Indiana

Bob Hazen, Dick Oldham, Ron Losure, and Charles W. Miller—
A Comparison of Sulfur Dioxide Methods: Pararosaniline Method and Huey Sulfation Plates in Anderson, Indiana

Malcolm E. Hults—Photographic Study of the Lunar Eclipse of
May 24-25, 1975

R. D. Burgess—Photometric Observations of the Star Cluster

Harry A. Moneyhun—Acceleration of Gravity Equation

Eric Michael and Bruce Myers— Investigation of Low Temperature Anomalies in Specific Heat in Irradiated Glassy Carbons

L. Gene Poorman—General Honors 202—Modern Science a Sophomore General Education Course in Modern Science

W. Krabacher and T. Alvager—On the Mobius Transformation and Relativity

Herbert H. Snyder— On a Theorem of Eisenhart and Its Importance for Solutions of Schrodinger's Equation

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