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T. H. Oswald and R. L. Nicholson— Callus and Cell Suspension
Cultures of Maize

Cynthia M. Kuivenhoven, D. M. Huber, and H. L. Warren—Comparison of Growth Rate and Mycelial Density of Rhizoctonia
Solani on an Ammoniacal and Nitrate Source of Inorganic

William S. Kain and Walter X. Balcavage—NMR Characterization of ADP-ATP Translocase

G. S. Acres, R. E. Hammerschmidt, and J. Kuc—Induction of
Resistance in Cucumbers and Recognition of the Presence of a
Compound Fungitoxic to Cladosporium Cucumerinum

C. C. Chien and J. S. Ingraham—Preferential Assignment of Allo-type al Globulin for Production of Early IgM anti-p-azophenylarsonate Antibody in al, a3 Heterozygous Rabbits

M. L. Failla, D. D. Benedict, and E. D. Weinberg—Factors Affecting Bacterial and Fungal Growth in Total Parenteral Nutrition

T. Parkin, J. C. Cook, and W. N. Doemel—The Growth and Decomposition of Chloroflexus-Synechococcus Microbial Mats in Alkaline Thermal Springs

William N. Doemel—The Structure of Chloroflexus-Synechococcus Microbial Mats in Alkaline Thermal Springs

A. Brooks and W. Doemel—Fluorescent Whitening Agents: Effects on Selected Algae

D. Madsen, M. Wagner, and B. Wostmann—Effects of Defined
Microflora on Bile Acids of Gnotobiotic Rats

Gary Burleson and Morris Pollard—Inactivation of Microorganisms by Simultaneous Treatment with Ozone and Ultrasonics

Morris Wagner and Kunwar K. Srivastava—Decontamination of
Gnotobiotic Mice Monoassociated with Candida albicans

Thomas J. Tinghitella and Charles F. Kulpa—The Use of
Liposomes to Enhance the Antiviral Activity of Polyuridylic

Bernard S. Wostmann and Margaret H. Beaver—Functional Bile
Acid Patterns in Gnotobiotic Mammals

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