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Gary C. Steinhardt and Donald P. Franzmeier—Procedures and
Techniques Developed at the Soil Characterization Laboratory
at Purdue University

C. R. Church—Time-Lapse Techniques for Everyone

L. D. Norton and A. L. Zachary—The Classification of the Soil
Formed from the Kope Formation of Ordovician Age Soft Calcareous Shales and Limestone in Southeastern Indiana

Russell K. Stivers—Comparison of Soils and Residues with Soybeans in Pots Using Subirrigation

H. Raymond Sinclair— Soils and their Interpretations

Richard E. Terry and Darrell W. Nelson—Denitrification in Indiana Lake, Pond, and Reservoir Sediments

W. A. Bruns and A. R. Pereira—Computation of Potential Evaporation on an Hourly Basis Using Online Computer Acquisition and Processing

Robert F. Dale and Kenneth L. Scheeringa—The Effect of Soil
Moisture on Pan Evaporation

Lawrence A. Schaal—Radar Indications of Weather Modification

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