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Sears Crowell—The Rediscovery of an Unusual Hydroid, Keratosum complexum

Gary L. Tieben—An Analysis of Some Techniques for Collecting
Ectoparasites from Small Birds

D. David Pascal, Jr., Gwilym S. Jones, and John O. Whitaker,
Jr.—Mammals in the Indiana State University Vertebrate Coitions

Melvin W. Denner—Chromotropism in Mermis nigrescens Duj.

Melvin W. Denner—Host Sex Preferences of the Nematode Mermis nigrescens Duj.

JEFFREY L. Fisher—A Directional Photocell Technique to Monitor
Activity of Volant Vertebrates

Jack L. Albright, Douglas H. Yungblut, Clive W. Arave, and
James C. Wilson—Bovine Laterality: Resting Behavior

William J. Brett and Vicky M. Wells—Aminogluthethimide Kinetics in Fetal and Neonatal Rats (Rattus novsgicus)

Susan B. Yanos and John M. Lawrence—Coelomic Brood Protection of the Sea Cucumber, Synaptula hydriformis

Andreas R. Richter, Gertrude L. Ward, and James B. Cope—Preliminary Observations of the Nocturnal Activity of Insectiv-orous Bats and Their Prey in Wayne County, Indiana

Richard S. Mills, Gary W. Barrett, and James B. Cope—Bat
Species Diversity Patterns in East Central Indiana

D. J. Paulson and W. J. Eversole—The Effects of Prostaglandin
E2 on Adrenal Regeneration Hypertension

Greg Caplinger—Catalysis of an Allosterically Inhibiting Nucleotide with a Synthetic Estrogen and a Subsequent Alteration in
Ovarian Metabolism

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