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Larry R. Yoder—Origin and Development of Non-Articulated
Laticifers in Leaves of Catharanthus roseus

John L. Roth and David L. Dilcher— Stipulate Leaves from
the Middle Eocene Claiborne Formation of Tennessee

Larry R. Yoder—Occurrence of Lycopod Fossils in The Path
Fork Coal Zone of Harlan Co., Kentucky

Gary E. Dolph and David L. Dilcher—The Accuracy of Paleo-climatic Estimates Based on Foliar Physiognomy

Theodore J. Crovello—Botanical Data Banking

Larry R. Yoder—Development of Non-Articulated Laticifers in
Embryos of Carissa grandiflora

Marilyn K. Gilbreath and Gary E. Dolph—Macroscopic Vari-ation in Fossil and Modern Oak Leaves

Beecher A. Waters and Gary E. Dolph—Microscopic Variation
in Fossil and Modern Oak Leaves

Steven R. Shafer and Larry R. Yoder—Occurrence of Jeffrey
Reagent, Neutral Red, IKI, Dragendorff's Reagent, and PAS
Reactions in Stems and Leaves of Carissa grandiflora

William J. Dayton and Betty D. Allamong—A Study as to
Whether The Variability Illustrated by Melilotus Alba and
Melilotus Officinalis Specimens is Due to Polymorphism or

Robert J. Lamoreaux and William R. Chaney—Some effects of
cadmium on Water Relations of Silver Maple Seedlings

Belinda A. Shenk and William J. Brett—An Interesting Pattern of Chlorosis in a Pin Oak, Quercus palustris

Steven Senger and S. N. Postlethwait—Vascular Patterns in
Euphorbia Pteroneura


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